Japanese Onsen | Hot Springs

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1.SAYA-NO-YUDOKORO in Tokyo neighborhood of Mitsugi Park is one of famous Onsen(Hot Springs).

2.Kusatsu Onsen is one of the most famous Onsen located north of Tokyo.There are many natural hot springs and hotels and restaurants in the area. Many tourists come to there to see the Yumomi show at Netsuno-yu.

Kusatsu Onsen

3.Kanaguya, a traditional wooden Japanese hotel was built in 1758 in Nagano and it takes about two hours and 30mins by shinkansen from Tokyo. A movie, "Spirited Away" written by Miyazaki Hayao is based on the several buildings and one of those is Kanaguya. If you visit Kanaguya, you would feel as if you were in the movie.