Kusatsu onsen from Tokyo

Hot spring
Kusatsu Onsen is located in the Gunma Prefecture just north of Tokyo and is one of the three most popular Onsen hot spring and ski resort town in Japan.

The hot water here, aside from being very hot, is high in sulfur, meaning it has a very egg-y smell. Kusatsu Onsen has become a favorite holiday or weekend retreat for visitors to escape the busy life.
Hot spring
There are many natural hot springs and hotels and restaurants in the area. Many tourists come to there to see the Yumomi show at Netsuno-yu from Tokyo.
Hot spring
What is YuMomi?
The temperature of the hot spring is about 51 to 95. So you can not take a bath. However, if water is added in order to lower the temperature, the advantageous effect of the hot spring become weaker. So"YuMomi" was invented.They put a plate into a hot spring and shake up it for bathers to lower the temperature so that they can take a bath.

Netsuno-yu/Business hours
Open daily (Except 5th to 9th on December for maintenance)

Yumomi Show schedule
9:30/10:00/10:30/15:30/16:00/16:30 (6times a day)
Adult is 600Yen / Child is 300Yen

Yumomi experience tour
Business hours
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 11:30~2:00
(※Open daily 6th~31th in August only.)
Fee is 250Yen

Netsuno-yu | Access : Kusatsu 414,Kusatsu cho,Agatsuma Gun,Gunma Prefecture
Hot spring
Kusatsu Onsen from Tokyo | Access
Hot spring
It takes about 3 hours from Tokyo Station to Kusatsu Onsen and the train fare is 5,950Yen

Tokyo Station
↓JR Yamanote line/150Yen

Ueno Station
↓JR Kusatsu (about 2hurs and 30mins)/5,130 Yen

Nagano hara Kusatsuguchi Station
↓JP Bus  (About 25mins)/670Yen

Kusatsu Onsen Bus terminal
Hot spring
If you have a plan to get to Tokyo, you can easily go to Kusatsu onsen from Tokyo. Have a good your trip.