Kanaguya in Nagano | Things to do near Tokyo

Kanaguya, a traditional wooden Japanese hotel was built in 1758 in Nagano and it takes about two hours by shinkansen from Tokyo.


A movie, "Spirited Away" written by Miyazaki Hayao is based on the several buildings and one of those is Kanaguya. If you visit Kanaguya, you would feel as if you were in the movie.



It has 5 private baths (you lock the door) and 3 public baths.The hot spring water comes from 4 different sources of the mountains.

Kanaguya Official Website
Prices : 20,520yen/per person (includes a full Japanese breakfast and dinner)
Check In: 3:00 p.m.
Check Out: 10:00 a.m.

Adress: hirao 2202 yamanouchi-town shimotakai-gun Nagano pref. Japan

1.Tokyo Station(Shinkan-sen)→Nagano Station : Train fare is 8200yen
2.Nagano Station(Nagano-dentetsu)→Shinshu-Nakano Station
3.Shinshu-Nakano Station(Nagano-dentetsu:Nagano-sen)→Yudanaka Station : Train fare is about 1260Yen
The total train fare is about 9460Yen