Harry potter studio Tokyo station

The following questions seem to be posted on the Internet: 
  • What is the nearest train station to Harry Potter Tokyo? 
  • Which line is Toshimaen Station on? 
  • Which Tokyo station has the Harry Potter theme? 
  • Where is Toshimaen in Japan?
The nearest station to the Harry potter studio is Toshimaen station.

To get to Toshimaen station, go to Ikebukuro station and from Ikebukuro station, take the Seibu Ikebukuro Line to Toshimaen station. 

First, though, you need to get to Ikebukuro Station wherever you are, I think the easiest way to get there is to take the Yamanote line. (Check the map by tapping)

It just takes about 15 minutes from Ikebukuro station to Toshimaen station.
As you can see on the map, pay attention to where the trains go. If you go straight at Nerima station, you will not arrive at Toshimaen.

You can also take a subway Oedo line to Toshimaen. However, the Oedo line is complicated to get to and I do not recommend it.

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