Tokyo Olympics 2020 mascot name

Tokyo Olympics 2020 mascot name
Tokyo Olympics 2020 mascot name, MIRAITOWA (Blue and white checked character) is made by the Japanese words "Mirai"(future) and "towa" (eternity).

MIRAITOWA (未来mirai, 永遠towa)has the same indigo blue ichimatsu-patterns as the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Games Emblem on its head and body. It was chosen as  mascot name to rise a future full of hope forever.

And The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic mascot's name, SOMEITY comes from "Someiyoshino", a popular cherry blossom variety, and the phrase "so mighty".

It has the cherry blossom antennae on both sides of its face of its face and it seems like a flag of cherry blossoms.

If you want to meet Tokyo Olympics 2020 mascots, MIRAITOWA and SOMEITY, you can meet at Tokyo 2020 Mascot House opened at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

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