How to go to Ameyoko from Shinjuku

How to go to Ameyoko from Shinjuku
Ameyoko is very close to JR Yamanote line so, by following the train line, you can easily reach there and the shopping street is located just across the main street from Okachimachi Station.

Here is the simplest way to Ameyoko from Shinhuku. Take Yamanote line, bound for Ikebukuro Station and it just takes about 18mins to Ameyoko from Shinjuku. (The train fare is 170Yen)
Ameyoko Shopping Street was originally opened as a black market post-World War II. It was known for selling candy but the "Ame" can also be interpreted as "America". "Ame" means candy in Japanese.

A traditional shopping district bustling with excitement, where various products such as perishable foods, sweets, clothes, shoes, bags and cosmetics are sold.

On the other hand at Shinjuku, there are two characters in Shinjuku. In the east side, there are many neon lights, crowds, restaurants and bars.

And in the west side, there are some of the city's tallest high buildings, government offices building and hotels.

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