Things to Do in Tokyo

1. Origami Kaikan
You can learn Japanese Origami at Origami Kaikan in Ochanomizu, Tokyo.

About Origami:

During the Meiji period (1868-1912)/ origami was used as a teaching tool in the kindergarten and elementary school levels. 

Japan's origami was greatly influenced by Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel, (1782-1852) a mid-nineteenth century German educator's method of teaching derived from European traditional origami, which further developed into folding to make various geometrical shapes, and was widely adopted particularly in the Japanese kindergartens.  

You can experience one of traditional Japanese culture, "Kembu":
how to handle Japanese sword, how to wear Japanese kimono or Hakama and so on.

3.Street Go-Kart Tour

The Mario Kart run in the gaming, but it is not a gaming world. You can enjoy it in the real world with dressing up as the gaming icon.


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