Tokyo Samurai Kembu

Tokyo Samurai Kembu  is located near Tokyo station(Ginza area).
You can experience one of traditional Japanese culture, "Kembu":how to handle Japanese sword, how to wear Japanese kimono or Hakama and so on.

Kembu is one of Japanese traditional arts. It dances to Chinese poetry and poetry of Waka wearing Japanese Hakama which is Samurai clothing with a Sword and a Fan

Full lesson (1hour45mins)
With costume rental               Adult 9,000yen 5-11 year old 8,000yen
Without costume rental           Adult 6,000yen 5-11 year old 5,000yen

Light lesson (1hour)
With costume rental                Adult 7,000yen 5-11 year old 6,000yen
Without costume rental        Adult 4,000yen 5-11 year old 3,000yen

1-19-7 Shintomi | Akuta Awazu Bldg. 5F, Chuo 104-0041, Tokyo Prefecture
Phone number : 03-6874-4990

2 mins walk from Hachobori station (JR Kyoba line, Hibiya line)
5 mins walk from Shintomi station (Tokyo Metro, Yuraku-machi line)
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