Museums in Tokyo

1.Edo-Tokyo Museum was established in 1993 as a facility to preserve and learn about the historic and cultural heritage of Edo-Tokyo.

2.Ōta Memorial Museum | Ukiyoe
The main part of the collection consists of about 12,000 pieces collected enthusiastically by Late Seizō Ota Ⅴ.

3. Samurai Museum in Shinjuku
You can feel the real Samurai spirit in Samurai Museum.It could be bring a feeling of tension in the Japanese rooms that are placed some Japanese sword and Japanese armor.

4.Fukagawa Edo Museum
Fukagawa Edo Museum is a small museum in Koto-ku and it will bring you back to the alleys of old Tokyo.

The Bonsai Museum, Shunkaen is located in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo was built with the ambition to spread Japanese culture. 

6. Japanese Sword Museum was established in 1968 as an affiliate of the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai.