Tokyo temperature by month

Tokyo temperature by month
The summers are characterized by humid, hot and wet and the weather while the winters are moderately wet and cold.There are four distinct seasons in Tokyo.

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Tokyo Temperature
August is the hottest month in Tokyo with an average temperature of 26°C and the coldest month is January.

In Tokyo, it rarely snows in the winter which is from December to February.
And from March to April, Spring is usually warm weather. It is then that you can see the cherry blossoms (Sakura).

From June to mid July is the rainy season. When the rainy season comes, it does not rain every day, but It rains a lot.

During the summer July and August, it's very hot in Japan and fireworks festivals are held every year at many sites in Tokyo.

September is the typhoon season in Tokyo. Many typhoons come to Japan.
In the autumn from October until November, the temperature is comfortable. You can see the beautiful autumn leaves.

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