Can we still visit Shuri Castle?

Yes, you can visit Shuri Castle. Restoration of the Seiden is currently underway with the goal of completion in 2026. Currently, many shrine carpenters are working at Satojo, and you can see the restoration work in progress. 

In October 2019, nine facilities at Shuri Castle, including the main hall, were destroyed by a fire that broke out inside the main hall. 

Shuri Castle is a castle that symbolizes the history and culture of Okinawa, and the history of Shuri Castle is the history of the Ryukyu Kingdom itself. 

Shuri Castle is located on a small hill, surrounded by a curved castle wall, and many facilities are built within it. It has many plazas and is also home to religious sacred sites. 

Shuri Castle is roughly divided into an inner castle (inner castle) and an outer castle (outer castle), with the inner castle completed in the early 15th century and the outer castle in the mid-16th century. 

In the spring of 1879 (Meiji 12), after the king was expelled from Shuri Castle and the prefecture became Okinawa Prefecture, Shuri Castle was used as a Japanese military garrison and various schools. It underwent extensive repairs in the 1930s, but was burnt down during the war in 1945. 

After the war, the site became the campus of the University of the Ryukyus, but after the university moved, a restoration project was promoted and continues to this day. The restored Shuri Castle is modeled after the 18th century. In December 2000, the Shuri Castle ruins were registered as a World Heritage Site. 

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