Sumidagawa-Hanabi Taikai | Fireworks festival in Tokyo

This fireworks festival has been traditionally held on the riverside at Ryogoku since the Edo period.

Fireworks are launched from two areas between the Komagata and Kuriya Bridges and between the Sakura and Kototoi Bridges.

The biggest hanabi festival in Tokyo is the Sumida River hanabi festival in July. As many as 20,000 rockets are launched. Up to two million viewers watch the hanabi.
The filming location of this movie is Ryogoku Bridge.The wait time depends on how full it on the Sumidagawa fireworks festival day but these stations:

Asakusa station, Tawaramachi  station, Kuramae  station, Asakusabashi  station, Tokyo Skytree  station, Oshigami station and Ryogoku station

are so crowded and the wait time, to see the fireworks or to get a train is about 1 hour. But Bakuro yokoyama station wasn’t crowded.

It takes 14 minutes to Bakuro Yokoyama station from Shinjuku station.
Toei Shinjuku line Map