Umezono in Asakusa

Umezono is located near Nakamise in Asakusa and it was started in 1854.

There are many kinds of elegant and refined sweets in Japan :Anmitsu, Oshiruko and so on.

If you are interested in giving Japanese sweets a try, you must go to Umezono in Asakusa.

“Awazenzai” is the history of  Umezono. It has bitter taste of chestnuts a little, rice cake and smooth sweet bean.

It is so good combination of the sweet beens and Japanese herb. (Japanese herb is so better. So, it is OK just one or two piece.)

1-31-12, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
(3 min walk from Asakusa station)

Opening hours : 10:00~20:00
Closed : Wednesdays and 2 days a month (Randomly)
TEL 03-3841-7580
Price : ~¥1,000