Meishu Center | Comparing various Japanese Sake

If you want to compare various local Sake in Japan, we recommend that you go to the Sake shop, Meishu Center in Ochanomizu.

It is good idea to get to taste the different local sake in this shop. There  are various Sake and you can choose as you like. Also you can enjoy some meal and buy souvenirs.

How to order:
1.Choose a Sake (Bottle) and bring it to your table. If you choose 3 kinds together, they will discount 100 Yen.

2.Let's one of staff know and the staff will pour them for you.

3.It will be cash on delivery.

It depends on the Sake and you can check it by the Tag on the Bottle.
(For example, One drink 150 yen ~ over 1000 yen)

Opening hours : 12:00-22:00
Last order (Sake) 21:45
Sunday 12:00-19:00
Last order (Sake) 18:45

Closed : Monday

Meishu Center Address:
2-3-29 Yushima, Bunkyoku Tokyo 113-0034
TEL : 03-5207-2420