Jorenji | Tokyo daibutsu

Jorenji is a historic temple founded around 1400 and relocated from Itabashi-ku Nakai-juku in 1967 to Akasuka presently.

The temple later had to be relocated because of highway construction and was established in its current location: the site of Akatsuka Castle’s outer citadel.

The Great Buddha of height from platform is 13 meters, weight is 32 tons.

It is known as Big Buddha of the third largest size in Japan after "Buddha of Nara" and "Great Buddha of Kamakura".

You can see the garden that is always beautiful and clean with the smell of incense.

Entrance fee is free.

Shimo-akatsuka station of Tobu Tojo line is a 20minute walk.

Open Hours: 8:00–16:00 (Last entry: 15:45)

Address: 5-28-3 Akatsuka, Itabashi-ku

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