Best bonsai in Tokyo


Bonsai is a horticultural art unique to Japan whereby grasses and trees are transplanted into small earthenware containers and are grown into desired shapes.

Although there are many different plant varieties, the pine, maple, plum, and azalea are particularly common.

Care for bonsai consists of selecting the appropriate type of soil, use of fertilizer, periodic repotting, wiring the branches or trunk to control the shape, and pruning.

A period of one or two years is not enough to allow bonsai to grow into the right shape. Bonsai takes many years and sometimes decades of nurturing.
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1.Bonsai shop Green Club in Ueno
If you want to buy a Bonsai, we recommend that you go Green Club in Ueno. You can buy various bonsai in there.
If you want to enjoy or learn about Bonsai, you should go Shunkaen Bonsai Museum. It has a bonsai class and you can make your own Bonsai.