The House of Kurosuke | Things to do near Tokyo

The House of Kurosuke is a Japanese traditional house which was built in the Meiji-era (100 year old!) in Sayama, Saitama.

It is located near Totoro's forests, Sayamakyuryo.

Yahao Miyazaki used Sayamakyuryo as a material to write "My Neighbor Totoro"

The House of KurosukeIt takes about 30mins from Ikebukuro Station to Kotesashi Station and about 10 mins on foot from the bus stop “Dainichi-do” to The House of Kurosuke.

Sayamakyuryo is a huge area and Totoro's forest are dotted around there. So, it is impossible to get to all of it.

Fee: Free

3 Chome-1169-1 Mikajima, Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture 359-1164
The House of Kurosuke
(Seibu line) Ikebukuro Station → Kotesashi Station   30mins
(Bus) Kotesasi Station → Bus stop “Dainichi-do”   10mins

Open  10:00AM to 15:00PM
It is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday only.
(If one of these days is a public holiday, it is closed.)
By the way, if it is in the Spring season when you visit to The House of Kurosuke, you can also enjoy the Hitsujiyama Park because of the same line with Hitsujiyama Park. Have a good travel!