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Kiyosumi Gardens is particularly famous for the strolling-style landscape garden surrounded by fine and beautiful stones gathered by the Iwasaki family from all over Japan to decorate e garden.

Stones placed in the garden are used as stepping stones over the pond, the flagstone paths, a stone bridge, a stone lantern and so on. This garden is also called the "Stone Garden.

Iso-Watari is three stepping stone pathways which lead across shallow parts of the pond are arranged near the pond's edge.

Visitors can have a look at multicolored carp and turtles under the surface of the pond and enjoy view reflected in the water while crossing the stepping stones one by one.

Stone Monument Inscribed with Basho’s Haiku Poem
This is a stone monument on which a famous haiku poem by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) "The Sound of a Frog, Jumping into an Old Pond" is carved. The stone monument moved into Kiyosumi Gardens from the bank of the Sumida River

Dai-Sensui Pond
This large man-made pond plays the central scenic role in the garden where three islands are arranged inside. The water for the pond used to be drawn from the Sumida river but today rainwater is used to fill the pond. The pond is also home to flocks of waterfowl.

This is a structure built in the style of a tea-ceremony arbor with the beauty of Japanese gardens. The Ryotei house originally built by the Iwasaki family to entertain Lord Marshal Kitchener who came to Japan as a state guest in 1909. The Ryotei house was completely repaired in 1985. Today it is used as an assembly house. It was designated as a "Selected Historical Building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government” in 2005.

This was a funeral hall which was originally used for the funeral service for the Emperor Taisho. The original hall was burnt down by the fire during World WarⅡ and was reconstructed in 1953. The hall was entirely renovated in 1989 and is now used for assemblies.

Kiyosumi Gardens Access:
3-3-9 Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0024

Toei O-edo Line and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Kiyosumi-shirakawa Sta. (3 minutes on foot)

Admission 150yen / Open 9:00 Close 17:00