Asakusa Nakamise-dori | Things to do in Tokyo

Nakamise Street is the shopping lane that leads straight to Senso-ji temple. 

The street stretches on for over 250 meters with nearly a hundred shops selling almost every kind of souvenir imaginable. 

Many items fit into the trinket or knickknack category, but for the shopper, there are real finds as well. 
Hardest to resist are the Nakamise snacks. 

Freshly grilled rice crackers—named kaminari okoshi after Senso-ji's front gate or steaming ningy√∂ yaki, hot buns with sweet beanpaste, are both mouthwatering.  

Ningyo yaki in Nakamise-dori
First, he puts in the flour mixed with water to form the base, adds sweet bean paste for the filling, and then the flour mixed with water once again for the top. Then the craftsman closes the mold and opens another to take the ningyo-yaki from the mold.