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Tateyama CastleTateyama Castle was built by the daimyo Satomi Yoshiyasu in 1580.It is located in Chiba Prefecture and it is known as Hakkenden Museum.

Nansō Satomi Hakkenden is a Japanese novel which is written by Kyokutei Bakin and he used Tateyama Castle as a material to write it. (The cloth of the fish which hanging down is Japanese Koinobori, the carp-shaped flags and you can see it from mid April to early May)

You have to go up the steep slope and it takes 15mins to see Tateyama Castle. However, the view from the top of the Castle is so beautiful! (Admission Fee is 300 yen)

From the top of the Castle.
Tateyama Castle
You can enjoy Japanese flowers.(from late March to mid April)
Tateyama Castle
Japanese garden
Tateyama Castle

If you want to try the wearing of the Japanese Armor, you can wear it.
Japanese Armor experience tour (free of charge)
Sunday and Holiday   10:00-12:00   13:00-15:00

Tateyama City Municipal Museum / Hakkenden Museum 

Tateyama Castle (Shiroyama Park)
Adress : 351-2 Tateyama, Tateyama Prefecture, Chiba
TEL : 0470-23-5212

JR Bus is convenient for you to go there. So we recommend that you go to Tateyama Station by JR Bus.
Shinjuku-busterminal (advance reservations not required)

From Shinjuku Staion to Tateyama Staion
Departure   07:50   08:50   11:30  14:30  17:00  19:00  20:30  23:30
Arrival     09:47  10:47  13:27  16:27  18:57  20:57  22:27  01:27

From Tateyama Staion to Shinjuku Staion
Departure   05:15  06:05  07:15  09:45  12:15  14:45  16:15  18:30
Arrival     07:12  08:12  09:22  11:52  14:12  16:42  18:12  20:27
JR Bus fare is 2,670yen.

From Tateyama Staion to Tateyama Castle
You can go Tateyama Castle by Bus(190yen and it takes about 10mins) or Taxi(less than 1000yen and it takes about 5mins).